About Us

At CyberSynchs.com, we believe that one second wasted worrying about how to retrieve your lost mobile content is one second too long. CyberSynchs.com is a service that automatically mirrors mobile phone content to a safe, secure, user friendly and accessible website. The use of our service requires no cables or plugs in order to begin transferring your mobile content to your CyberSynchs account. This allows for maximum accessibility and manageability for our subscribers. CyberSynchs.com offers the users the luxury of managing their mobile content from the web anywhere in the world.

Your phone content- Contacts (Address Book), text messages, emails, photos, videos, ring tones, GPS, Calendar, Notes and Voice mails are easily and securely uploaded to your CyberSynchs account.

With CyberSynchs your life does not have to be placed on pause due to a lost, stolen or destroyed mobile device. Its simple and easy to use we invite you to sign up and feel the freedom of mobile content security.

Mission Statement

CyberSynchs was founded with the vision of providing state-of-the-art technology, leadership innovation, and a cost-effective means of safeguarding vital smartphone data through its proprietary universal secured back-up system.

CyberSynchs maintains an innovation-centric corporate entrepreneurial culture designed to promote and continually develop the best breed of technology solutions to meet our customers needs in this fast-changing smartphone industry.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:

1 West Street #2215
New York, NY 10004