Help and FAQ
What is CyberSynchs?
CyberSynchs is a client-service oriented solution design by people for people. Everyone at CyberSynchs knows that life is unpredictable and things good and bad do happen. CyberSynchs provides the security of information that many mobile phone users are without. Accessible from anywhere in the world, the CyberSynchs Web Service allows users to view their contacts, text messages, voice mails, notes, photos, videos, ringtones, calendar, and email without having the phone in hand. By synchronizing mobile data with CyberSynchs, users can rest assured that their information is safe even if the mobile device is broken, misplaced, or stolen.

Which operating systems does CyberSynchs support?
CyberSynchs currently supports Windows Mobile 5 and later, with iPhone and Blackberry coming soon. We are constantly working full time to develop and improve upon our service, as such we welcome any feedback regarding each users individual experience and expectations of the system as well as suggestions to improve it.

How much does CyberSynchs cost?
We believe that data security should not be a luxury. Our business approach is to provide a high quality product at a price that works for everyone. With this ethos in mind, Cybersynchs is affordable solution that costs only $2.99 per month, or $35.88 annually.

Is CyberSynchs safe?
Security is achieved by allowing CyberSynchs users to create an encrypted password that can only be reset and never decoded, not even by CyberSynchs administrators. Personal information is stored on a private web server that is only accessible through secure communication with the CyberSynchs Web Service. In the event that a mobile device is stolen, CyberSynchs also enables its user to access the website, manage the data, and even delete all information from the phone is desired.

Can I cancel my CyberSynchs subscription?
We're in the business of making your life easier--no strings attached. If you find that CyberSynchs just isn't your up of tea, you may cancel your subscription at any time via the CyberSynchs website. By accessing our easy-to-use Setting icon, you may do with your account as you please, even delete your entire account without having to worry.

How do I change my password?
You can also change your password as often as you change your mind via the same easy-to-use Settings icon that you use to manage the rest of your account.

What is a mobile ID?
A mobile ID is a number that provides extra security for your information. Mobile IDs also help to differentiate information that belongs to two different phones on the same CyberSynchs account.

What if I forget my login information?
You'll never have to tie another string around your finger to remember your login information because we've got you covered. You may always recover your login and password by selecting 'Forgot Info?' at the log-in prompt.

What if I have trouble downloading it?
Depending on your phones security settings, you may experience an error when trying to download the application to your mobile device. If so, please see the download page for more information or email us via the feedback link - both are located on the footer of every page.

If I get a 'database error' does that mean my information is in danger?
Like life itself, CyberSynchs is constantly growing and involving. Now in its BETA phase, a database error could occur as the result of a temporary 'hiccup' in the system. These minor occurrences eventually rectify themselves as they are temporary. If you experience more persistent errors please contact us. No matter what, rest assured that your information is always safe.

Do I really need an unlimited data plan?
If you think about it, you use your phone quite a bit for many different things. While it may seem like overkill to have an unlimited data plan, you will find that not only will you be able to store more information on your phone but you'll be making the most economical use of CyberSynchs which transfers your data over the carrier network which uses your data plan.

What about security?
CyberSynchs keeps your mobile content safe and secure using state of the art technology.
  • Your data is secure on our servers, which are hosted in a secured environment behind an advanced firewall. Our employees and administrators can only access our servers through our secured and encrypted VPN, and only using proven, encrypted protocols such as SSH.

  • Security checks exist in the lowest levels of the application to prevent your data from being viewed by any users of the system other than registered, authenticated members of your network.

  • Traffic to and from the CyberSynchs website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This ensures that messages can not be intercepted.

  • CyberSynchs is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Hosted software ensures that the version of CyberSynchs you uses is always the most current and most secure. (Read The Future of IT in Large Corporations: A Whitepaper on Software as a Service for more about hosted software solutions.)

How long does it take to Synch?
It depends on several factors including how much information you have on your phone, the type of information, and the quality of your current Internet connection. The first Synch is the longest and could take from 5 minutes up to an hour, depending. If you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot, expect it to be half of that. For quicker Synchs, don't select large files like 'Videos' as part of your first Synch if you aren't in a hotspot.

What if there's a problem?
Our support team can be contacted via the Feedback link on the bottom of every page. We encourage everyone to report even the smallest hiccup in the system so that we can immediately correct it for release in the following version. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Why doesn't _______ appear to be working?
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