CyberSynchs for Mobile
  • To begin using any of the CyberSynchs products you must first Sign-up to open a new account.
  • Upon email confirmation, your phone will be sent a text message with instructions on how to download the app from the device.┬áIf you did not receive the text message, or would like to download the application manually, please visit with your device.

"How To" Set-up CyberSynchs

  • After installation, launch the "CyberSynchs" application from your phone.
  • If you receive any messages regarding "security permissions", please "Always Allow" (or some other similar language).
  • Enter your CyberSynchs "Username", "Password" and "Mobile ID" via the "Account" menu in the application.
  • Go to the "Settings" menu and select the items you want to "Synch", and how often.
  • Choose "Synch" to synchronize manually. This is recommended for the first Synch, but subsequent Synchs should happen automatically depending on the "Settings".

For a list of common device specific issues, please visit our Device Help page.

Refer to CyberSynchs "Desktop" and CyberSynchs "Web Interface " for set-up instructions for these applications.