Tips and Tricks
Want to Add Another Device?
Select from Mobile, TV, Camera, and Camcorder
You can add additional devices to your CyberSynchs account by going into the Web Interface and pressing the "+" tab in the header.
Black Enterprise Accolade.
Awarded to CEO of CyberSynchs
Amos Winbush III receives accolade for "2010 Innovator of the Year" from Black Enterprise Magazine at its Atlanta conference.

Online Press Kit
From calendars to contacts, from pictures to email, from music to important documents, you carry your life on computers, mobile devices, digital cameras and MP3 players. But what if all of that personal data was in-synch? What if you could access the content that defines you from any device with an internet connection?
CyberSynchs, the first universal data synchronization company, was born of the concept that you own your personal data and should be able to access it whenever you want, however you want and from wherever you want. Switching mobile device service providers? Don’t leave your data behind. Want to send a slideshow of photos from your mobile phone to a digital picture frame? Do it. Streaming the big game from a web-enabled television to your cell phone? CyberSynchs makes it a reality.
By creating a mirror of your personal data and continuously synching, CyberSynchs keeps your information up-to-date. Transferring your data requires no hardware; just point and click to get up and running. Once you’re signed up, you can access and manage your content from anywhere in the world. If your device is lost or stolen, CyberSynchs ensures you won’t have to pick up the pieces.
Innovation in a rapidly evolving consumer tech industry is a big part of our corporate mission. That’s why CyberSynchs has been recognized as a leader in mobile technology by publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine and Black Enterprise Magazine. Find out more about what makes us unique.

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