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Lose Your Mobile?
Your Data Is Safe and Retrievable
Even if you lose your phone, your data is safe. When you get a new phone, just install the CyberSynchs mobile application on it, input your account info, and synch—everything from the old phone will now appear on the new one.
Entrepreneur Magazine Accolade.
Awarded to CyberSynchs
CyberSynchs noted as one of the "100 Brilliant Companies of 2010" by Entrepreneur Magazine in the June issue.

We provide you with manageability and control of your data, and the freedom and ease of accessing it whenever, wherever and however you want. CyberSynchs assures that you never have to worry about losing information on your phone, PC, camera, or any other CyberSynchs enabled device that you own. All of your content, such as contacts, calendar events, text messages, photos, videos, and more, are backed up to a secure, personal account, as well as synchronized between devices linked to your account.

CyberSynchs allows you to manage the information on your devices from any Internet capable computer in the world, no matter if the device is within your reach or not. Should these devices become lost, stolen, or damaged, you could simply replace them and easily recover all of your information, even if the make and model differs from the last device. Our software also features GPS and “remote wipe” functions which allow you to locate your lost or stolen device and remotely remove all of your personal contacts. With CyberSynchs, all of your personal information is always safe, accessible, and at your finger tips—anytime you need it.